Aboriginal Australian Storytelling - Part 1

Aboriginal Australians are one of the oldest extant cultures in the world. Anthropologists have been able to follow them back at least 40,000 years. The people themselves trace their ancestry to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, who came down to this World long before during the Dreamtime.

Landforms and animals of the Outback that we see simply as rocks, waterholes, Perente lizards, kangaroos, even majestic Uluru are, for Aboriginal Australians, not what they appear and more than they appear: both the Songline stories that enable them to travel with absolute surety the vast, unmarked distances of the Outback, and the Dreamtime itself.

Aboriginal elder Burnam Burnam explained it this way:

"The knowledge of songs and paths tells us where we are going, without maps and compasses. It tells us what the desert and mountains can be expected to offer by way of water and resources. Bonds between us and land can never be broken while a person lives, regardless of the clothes we wear, the processed food we eat, or the cars we drive. (…) If people are in communication with their own essential nature, they will also possess a natural link to other beings and creation."

These are the stories that are encoded deep within the DNA itself.

Nancy Binzen
Nancy Binzen