Druid Tree Runes

Unlike the more familiar Nordic or Germanic runes, Celtic runes use the 20 trees sacred to the Druids. While we wouldn't consider some (for example, reed, ivy or gorse) to be trees, all were part of the ancient Celts' magical grove, each one associated with specific qualities and attributes.  I learned the form I use from a Druid in Ireland in 1999.

Dagara Ancestor Reading

Also in 1999 as part of a yearlong training with Malidoma and Sobonfu Somé, I learned this traditional form of African divination practiced by the Dagara of Burkina Faso. Consulting the Ancestors uses fetish objects and cowrie shells as the means through which my client's ancestors provide information and offer guidance.


What clients have said:

"The reading was so powerful and helpful. I have been taking concrete action toward freeing up my time and space."
—Richard P.
"Thank you for the profound experience of the Druid Tree Divination. I got so much out of it and will continue to. The lessons are clear and strong and it occurred to me they can be used as a practice."
—Ellen D.
"A week has passed since my reading. Images continue to arise offering nourishment, guidance, encouragement and inspiration. I am glad I recorded the session; there was a lot to absorb."
—Jacob B.
"Throughout Nancy's reading I felt such an open heart emanating from her and a desire to be a conduit for good strong healing energies.  What she brought forth for me felt really right and went directly to my heart and felt like the best of what I have wanted to work on and move towards in life."
—Cindy F.