Stories open us to possibilities

From the beginning of time, indigenous shamans and traditional medicine people have used storytelling as a powerful tool in ritual, ceremony and healing. Some stories are told in words, others through movement, song, or dance. Sharing with you the stories my Spirit Helpers tell and show me during our work together plays an essential role in the shamanic services I offer.

Note: With the exception of psychopomp work, both the shamanic healing and divination services are only available in person.  I live in Marin County, California. To schedule a shamanic healing session, please call me at (415) 488-9512 or email me at

Shamanic Healing

Cost: $85/session
(Note: a session may involve more than one healing practice depending on what my Helping Spirits direct me to do.)

Soul Retrieval

Throughout life, we lose pieces of our soul, not only because of trauma but often unconsciously. I journey in non-ordinary reality to find a piece of your soul that is ready to come back, reconnecting you with something powerful in yourself that can help you move forward with your life.

Power Animal Retrieval

With the help of my Power Animals, I journey in non-ordinary reality to find and bring back your own animal ally who has gifts for your life, and with whom you can form a lifelong relationship.


This is a practice to remove psychic intrusions that have gotten stuck in the body. Such intrusions often manifest emotionally – feeling uneasy, imbalanced, "rocky" or ungrounded, heavy-hearted, etc. I always combine extractions (pulling out) with power animal retrieval (putting in) so clients aren't left with "holes" in their psyche.

Tuvan Drum Healing

This practice is from the Tuva, a shamanic culture in central Asia, and is primarily done for physical healing. I invite Spirit Helpers from the Upper World to enter the drum and imbue it with healing energy through sound, rhythm, and movement.


(Available long-distance by donation)
The word literally means one who conducts spirits or souls to the other side. I assist beings who have died but don't yet know they're dead. I help souls that have gotten "stuck" because of fear, concern for the living, etc. I gather information for family members. (Note: This work is done only at the request of family members or, if the deceased has no relatives, at the request of good friends.)

Divination Services

The two forms of divination I practice are not intended to predict the future. Rather, they focus on what would be most helpful for you to know right now.

Note: You can purchase these two services online. Please give me a call after your purchase at (415) 488-9512 or email me at to schedule your appointment.

Celtic Tree Runes

Unlike the more familiar Nordic or Germanic runes, Celtic runes use the 20 trees sacred to the Druids. While we wouldn't consider some (for example, reed, ivy or gorse) to be trees, all were part of the ancient Celts' magical grove, each one associated with specific qualities and attributes. I learned the form I use from a Druid in Ireland in 1999.


Consulting The Ancestors

I learned this traditional form of African divination practiced by the Dagara of Burkina Faso from African shaman, Malidoma Somé. Consulting the Ancestors uses fetish objects and cowrie shells as the means through which your ancestors provide information and offer guidance.


What Clients Say

"I just wanted to say wow, that session with you was probably the most efficacious, beneficial healing time with someone I've ever experienced. I felt so full and strong and well in body, mind and spirit afterwards. I was remarkably free from physical pain, grounded, full of energy, and able to dance effortlessly that evening and feel joy with other people!"
—Laurel W.

"Throughout Nancy's reading I felt such an open heart emanating from her and a desire to be a conduit for good strong healing energies. What she brought forth for me felt really right and went directly to my heart and felt like the best of what I have wanted to work on and move towards in life."
—Cindy F.

"The soul retrieval you did for me was wonderful. There's a real shift going on. I've realized I don't have to live up to other's expectations, that I can trust myself as an authority."
—Winnie C.

"A week has passed since my reading. Images continue to arise offering nourishment, guidance, encouragement and inspiration. I am glad I recorded the session; there was a lot to absorb."
—Jacob B.

"Thank you for the profound experience of the Druid Tree Divination. I got so much out of it and will continue to. The lessons are clear and strong and it occurred to me they can be used as a practice."
—Ellen D.

"The reading was so powerful and helpful. I have been taking concrete action toward freeing up my time and space."
—Richard P.

"Thanks to the knowledge and tools Nancy shared with me, my life and relationships have changed for the better. This is a MAJOR shift."
– Susan K.

"You helped me reconnect to my own inner wisdom."
- Diana S.