Slaying Dragons


Is it Okay for Girls to Slay their Own Dragons?

For mothers and mentors of 9-13 year-old girls, Is It Okay for Girls to Slay Their Own Dragons? is a creative way to:

• Engage in a meaningful conversation without your daughter getting defensive, impatient or embarrassed.

• Share your own values and morals without sounding "preachy."

• Encourage your daughter to question mainstream messages, stand up to peer pressure, and think for herself.

This beautifully illustrated "playbook for becoming a courageous, bodacious girl who thinks for herself," contrasts well-known fairytales and fairytale expectations ("as the men told them") with witty observations by the princesses themselves ("what they said"). Each one is followed by a series of thought-provoking questions ("what do you think") to challenge conventional assumptions by encouraging conversation, journaling, or bringing into a group discussion.


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