Storytelling for Adults

In my experience, well-told stories take on a life of their own that can open the minds of both listeners and tellers to creative new possibilities that may never before have occurred to either one. Currently I tell stories, lead story workshops, and organize storytelling evenings on an ongoing basis for the Wu Wei Tea Temple in Fairfax, CA. If you are interested in participating as a teller, please email or call me at 1-415-488-9512.

Solo teller

I primarily tell traditional myths and stories that stir the heart: true stories in the most profound sense of the word "true." That is, the connection that is created between me and my listeners and what is unspoken that continues to resonate long after the story is over.

Lead wrangler and coordinator for multiple-teller events

I've produced storytelling events featuring four different tellers at each venue for EarthDay Marin and the very first LitCrawl Marin. (In fact, I believe the latter, which is fashioned after the original LitCrawl San Francisco that began in 2004 and has since spread internationally, may be the first of its kind anywhere to include storytellers.)

The Aboriginal elder, Burnam Burnam, was referring to the Songlines (stories) of his people in the quote that follows. But what he says applies equally to the powerful and healing effects I believe stories can have on our lives today.

"The knowledge of songs and paths tells us where we are going, without maps and compasses. (…) If people are in communication with their own essential nature, they will also possess a natural link to other beings and creation."