Why Stories?

Stories aren't just for children.

People yearn to be who they really are. Not who others think they should be. Not who they think others want them to be. But who they really are – their Authentic Self.

The business of powerful stories is to help people re-awaken to and remember their authentic self. The self that often is forgotten in the rush to fit in, be liked, make a living, accomplish…something.

Powerful stories lie outside this endlessly swirling stream. They invite you to take a breath, open the eyes of your imagination, and listen with your heart. When you do this, you'll know at once if the story has true power for you because you'll feel it resonate inside. This resonance is the song of your authentic self.

This is what Story Potions stands for. From books and mugs to in-person healing sessions, the story tools on our site are maps disguised as metaphors, wake-up calls in the form of whimsy, even alchemical formulas for transformation.

When you're living authentically, everything matches up: inner and outer, intuition and action, thought and heart. Living authentically means acting with integrity, embracing life courageously, engaging possibility. At Story Potions, we believe living authentically gives life richness, depth and meaning.

Welcome to our site, where Once Upon a Time is Now.