The world of story is a wild and mysterious place: full of dark woods and sheep-sheared rocks, women who comb dragons' hair, wolves that speak. If you're ready to explore a world that shimmers on the far horizon of your imagination, these shamanic storytelling workshops will take you there.

I generally offer these three- and four-hour workshops for $40/person + travel expenses (if any); please contact me regarding group discounts and how to participate for free. 

Happily Ever After

"When it came right down to it, she finally admitted, the whole princess-business was vastly overrated." (from Happily Ever After…Or Maybe Not?)

Using shamanic journeying as the vehicle and my book, Happily Ever After…Or Maybe Not?, as the map, this workshop is an opportunity for you to explore "the whole princess-business" for yourself.

What does it mean to be a woman of power? Are there trade-offs or compromises? What dreams have you been afraid to dream because you fear there may be consequences? What does the new feminism look like?  

Ages 13 and up. Cost includes a copy of the book for each participant.

Spirits, Stories and Celtic Shamanism

Among the ancient Celtic peoples, storytellers were walkers-between-the-worlds. Stories transformed ordinary reality: through the telling listeners could hear the voices of ancestors; wisdom teachings; gods and goddesses; even their own inner truth speaking.

In this four-hour workshop you will experience firsthand what it is to be a walker-between-the-worlds.

Learn how to journey into "non-ordinary" reality to discover the power, magic and wonder that reside in the old tales.

Stalking the Wild: Initiation and Transformation

The business of stories is not enchantment. The business of stories is not escape. The business of stories is waking up.

—Martin Shaw, mythologist


The Handless Maiden is a powerful story of betrayal, redemption, desperation, love, and old, old magic.

Using traditional shamanic tools to alter everyday consciousness, you will learn how to re-enter this story, navigating in non-ordinary reality through a northern European "mythscape" in order to discover and claim your own power.


What participants have said

"You created a safe container and beautifully wove storytelling and journaling, which opened me up to new feelings and reaffirmed many life values and principles. I gained a clear and powerful path to travel from this everyday world to the lower world of spirit and creation within me."
—Robert W
"It was enchanting to me to do this special kind of journeywork with a mixture of story and journeying."
—Susan L.
"Thank you so much. I've been having a hard time lately walking in the night forest and this time together today brightened my spirits and helped me to see the bigger picture. I'm so grateful for the lessons and the reminders."
—Mary F.
"Nancy’s high degree of integrity as a shamanic practitioner was immediately apparent, in addition to her very apparent comfort with the subject matter and with the participants. There is a warmth and naturalness about her which was pervasive in our circle. She was obviously “in her element,” so to speak! She managed very skillfully to explain the basics of core shamanic journeywork and to incorporate an amazing amount of information into the afternoon’s experience, for both those “first-timers” and for those of us more experienced. I would recommend her storytelling afternoon to anyone desiring exploration of the topic and its integration with core shamanic practices."
—Kathleen O.


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